Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Gracious!

Long time not writing - it actually speaks to the pace of life, just at the moment. I'm retired! Life is supposed to be slower. Oh well, guess that just means that I'm keeping busy. And so, for anyone who cares, my life since May 3: Helping with church Pentacost banners; Clean house for houseguest and family Birthday party for 7 year old*; Houseguest arrives; shop for and prepare meal for street teens [once-a-month at church]; NW Kidney Center's Breakfast of Hope; depart for week-end away**. Phew!



This Thursday morning is my usual 3rd Thursday quilting group. Friday and Saturday, Quilter's Anonymous is sponsoring a 2-day Day Camp with various classes. It should be a very fun time. And so it seems to go. Thank goodness I have the ability to do all this running around - no more small children - any longer. Then next week will be time to work on/finish up some of the projects I will have gotten started. Life is good.

Friends are leaving today for 3 weeks in the Netherlands. I'm so jealous. We traveled there last summer, so can't really afford to do it again, this year. Hopefully next. Instead I will continue with my Dutch studies and perhaps learn a few more words - will I ever get proficient? Learning a foreign language as an adult is sure challenging, but some of the research says it staves off altzheimer's - so I will put this in the prevention category. :-)

At least for today, the sun is shining. Happy spring to all!


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Hi, Thanks for the comment on my page...my email address is tterzaghi@ironbay...Where are you from? You sure have some cute grandchildren...Talk to you soon..Toni

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