Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things are Busy & A couple of questions

Greetings from my busy world. On Wednesday evening, quilting friend Ronda and I had the second half of our stash swap. Not quite the same as using it all up, but she had come over and found a few things in my stash that she was interested in. Then it was my turn to see what I might "need" from her collection. She thought I might have more need than she did - at least she had several pieces that I tried to politely turn down. I don't think she snuck too much into my 3 (!) boxes. Now I must explain that it is not ALL for me alone, but some for the Stone Soup Quilts group [making lap quilts for Bone Marrow Transplant folks] and for Q.A. (our local guild) for Premie quilts. That does make me sound sooooo righteous. Not quite true. :-) She said that she was tired of her asian prints (yeah for me) and I think I took all of those left-overs. And many florals and a whole bunch of purples. Perhaps I should feel more guilty? I will ponder that.

These are what the Stone Soup blocks look like. 14 1/2" blocks (big) made with 20 blocks.

Two used books that seemed like good 'library' materials - just in case.

And so to my quesitons: How do you store you useable scraps? Currently I have mine in baggies, sorted by color. If you make strips, how do you store those? Knowing that accessibility is critical and being able to see things make it more likely they will be used, then what is your set-up?

Quilt group this morning. Tomorrow and Saturday are the all-day LQG Day Camps. Oh such fun. I will need to rest up next week. Life is good.

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Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I have great ideas for organising useable scraps, but have to admit to having stuff everywhere. IMHO looking for it all when you're thinking of using it is half the fun!