Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Roadtrip cancelled

Well, the anticipated road trip to Buggy Barn, in the eastern part of the state, isn't going to materialize - at least not this week. It seems that there is too much going on to make it a fun, relaxing trip. This was supposed to be a "fun" break, but was beginning to act like drudgery - squeezed in between lots of other things. So we wisely (we think) decided to postpone. I'm a bit disappointed as I had 3 things laid out that are needing backs. But that will come, one way or another. This way I can have some unanticipated time to work on my Roxanne Carter nine-patch variation. Did you notice that I said that this is entirely from my stash - not one scrap is new? I'm proud!

I have been biting my tongue - which for me is difficult. DD and family are renting a little house and their lease runs out the end of June. They still haven't found another place - it is only 32 days from now and I'm getting nervous! Apparently in addition to price, a big problem is their dog. So to me, it isn't an issue. I like dogs, but if its a choice of dog or house, then I see it clearly. But I have been keeping my big mouth shut and just trying to be helpful (and not mentioning the dog issue). My mother used to tell me that she had scars on her tongue from biting it and not saying what she saw as obvious. I guess I'm suffering just the same. Oh these kids, it doesn't really matter how old they get, we still worry about/for them.

Happy Tuesday. Hope y'all had a great holiday week-end. We had a delightful, fun week-end.

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