Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday appreciation

Several folks are very good at noting things for which they are thankful. I must take a turn at marking those things which I have appreciated:

*For the very kind restaurant manager who must have noted my very red face when I admitted that I had left my wallet at home and let me write a check for our dinner bill. I had offered to go home and get it, leaving him something of value to ensure I would return, but he said "for you" (me) he would accept a check.

*Sunshine and the blooming Mock Orange bush outside the kitchen door.

*For the new-to-me quilting group that welcomed me last night. [It's a long, sad story of the 3 other groups I have joined that have subsequently met their demise.] They are just beginning a new group charity quilt and everyone 'jumped' in with both feet. One gal explained that they don't lack for leaders in this group - everyone shared their thoughts and opinions and welcomed more input. They call themselves Stash Busters and having just finished the Nine Patch Wonder (all from my stash) I felt right at home.

Lastly, I have my fingers crossed that my free-motion quiliting skills will be up to the challenge. I have made a cherry table runner, all with fabrics I have bought over time at the Goodwill. Now to see if I can quilt cherries into the borders...... hmmmm. Maybe by days end, I can add one more thing to my list of 'gratitudes'.

Happy Friday. Life is good.

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Greenmare said...

You said! Life IS good!!!!!!!