Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday - a break

Spent the past two days helping DD get herself organized in prep. for this up-coming move. She totally unloaded the storage space above the garage and we sorted and threw away a lot! Yesterday we started in on the kitchen. Small appliances seem to have been multiplying in the cupboard - they required 3 boxes. Now they weren't totally full, but they get heavy quickly, so the tops were filled with flannel sheets.

Of course, in between Nana needed to have some time with the dear grandkids. The 7 year old wants to be sooooo grown up, but still is a charming, little girl. Tomorrow she and I have a "planning party" to plan a camping trip she and I will make later this summer. It is sure to cause some havoc with the 4 year old. 'Alone' time with Nana (lucky for me) seems to be a most valuable commodity. The four year old has more energy than several kids combined. We had a number of tea parties with gear unearthed in the garage, in between climbing the tree and swinging on the tire swing. The 7 1/2 mo. old didn't remember me the last time I saw her - when you only get to see them every 3-4 weeks, it takes a while to know for sure that this lady is OK. So she and I spent a lot of time talking to each other and getting re-acquainted.

Spent last evening ironing. I have to admit that I enjoy ironing, so it wasn't a real chore. Background: I used to have a next-door neighbor who made couture evening dresses. One day I asked her what she did with her scraps. She said she just threw them away! Imagine! So I have received two large plastic bags full of scraps of silk and satin. I have made a couple of satin gowns for a wonderful group called Newborns in Need. I took all the dupioni silks in vibrant hues and last night I got them almost all ironed. I'm thinking that I might make myself a stitch and flip vest in various colors. I don't want it on cotton batting - too heavy. But perhaps a piece of flannel will do the trick. I certainly haven't used up all she gave me and wouldn't you know - she's now moved. But I will parcel out what I have left. I'm thinking perhaps one of the larger white silks could be the background for the church wedding banner. Hmmmmmm.

Back over to my DD's tomorrow and Friday. One of these days I need to grocery shop, clean my house, do laundry and get ready to go out of town for 2 weeks. Oh well - as my dad used to say, "something is bound to happen" [be that good or bad] :-) Life is good.

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Su Bee said...

Life is indeed good - what a really nice couple of days you've had! Time with the granddaughters is my favorite thing too --