Friday, June 15, 2007


Thank goodness it's Friday. This has been such a busy week, although I don't have much to show you, in terms of quilty progress. Three quilts got 'sandwiched' and I've started to do some 'in the ditch' stitching with monofiliment thread, but that doesn't show up very well here. :-)

I tried to take the training for the Cothing and Textile Advisor program, through Washington State University Extension program. There weren't enough of us (3) to really make it worthwhile, so it's been postponed until the fall. Don't you know - I'll be out of town. But they have encouraged all of us to continue to come to the meetings and I guess I'll try for the next training session. This was the last meeting for the summer. The meeting was short and then we got to do a hands-on session with dyeing (sp?) silk. It was quite fun. I'm not sure I'm ready to go out and buy all the necessary gear and inks and and and - but the gal who was our trainer does some private lessons/work from her home. So perhaps that silk dress I bought two years ago intending to do something to (paint, dye, adorn in some way) she can help me with. [oh, bad grammar. sorry.]

I did do the "slash and stitch" placemats. I guess I'm late to the game as I haven't made these before, but they were fun and pretty easy once I got my thread to unreel properly. Is that the right word? I do have some really lovely burgundy/red/pink to try next. I'm doing these by colors I like, rather than to match a specific set of dishes or even household decor. I suppose I could surge some napkins and have a set ready to go for a gift, right?

I lay in bed early this morning thinking about the banner I have been asked to consider for the church. They have lots of different ones, but want one specifically for weddings. So I made a trip to the copy center and got the picture enlarged to 24" high. So now I'll play a bit and see what I can make. I will show you when I have something more than a piece of paper. And so it goes. Off to a W.N.B.A. [basketball] game tonight, a house-warming tomorrow and a graduation party on Sunday. Monday I'm going to my DD's to help her seriously start packing up her house to move. Luckily the move is only about 3 miles, but not sure just how early they can get into the house. And we'll be heading to Glacier National Park the end of the month, so cannot help then. Oh dear! Happy Friday, one and all!


Susan said...

I don't dye cloth, just laces, and it is so much fun! I use the Oze dyes and paint them on wet lace, usually. I have heard the same technique works on fabric, though. Good luck with your dress! Good luck with the moving, too. Even helping someone else is a lot of work.

jovaliquilts said...

The stack and slash are fun. We do them for quick charity quilts at my guild because they go together quickly and look good. Enjoy!