Sunday, November 4, 2007

Change, change, change

Well I am feeling duly chastised. I have, indeed, posted blogs that are not entirely quilt related. Bad me! New "rings" seem to be springing up. I adore Judy L's Sunshine Quilts and read it almost daily, but cannot 'qualify' for her new ring as I haven't had a weekly blog re stash-reduction for the past 12 weeks. Is anyone else feeling somewhat adrift?

I sew and quilt and some handwork parts of 5 or 6 days per week. Do I write about it every week? No! I do some other things each week that seem, in my mind, to be of some import or at least interesting to someone else reading here. Likewise, I really enjoy and appreciate learning about various ones of you and how you fill your lives, what is going on, what is important, who is important, etc.

So, please, HELP. What shall we do? Am I the only one feeling unsure where I belong? Is there a blog ring for those of us who are 'mixed up' in our hobbies? Enjoy learning and trying new things? Are not singly focused? Or is the choice that one must have more than one blog and then limit its content?

I'd really like to know what you're thinking. :-?


Barb said...

Very well put ~ BRAVO ~ that you are comfortable speaking out about "belonging to a BlogRing"...I dont' care that I DON'T BELONG to "ring"...I am sometimes able to post and sometimes have weeks where I can't begin to find the time to post to my blog! I guess that makes me a rebel of sorts...I DO MY OWN THING!!

I am a quilter...but I also work a fulltime job, have many activities that do not involve quilting, so I am NOT WANTING the pressure of posting on demand!!

BlogRings are fine for those that find they can meet the guidelines, I can't and I won't even attempt to request belonging to a "ring"....but NOT AT ALL PUTTING DOWN those that can do it!! I guess I have my own "guidelines" of sort, I am a Christian and my desire is to post on my "blog" about my activities in a Christian manner, positive, productive and supportive of where I am at!!

Thank you for your honesty, and I enjoy reading your "blog" are a busy gal!! Barb

paula, the quilter said...

I removed the Q4P ring code from my blog and then joined the Q4F (quilting for fun) ring and added the ring code. That is the only one I belong to since I don't do a whole lot of stash reduction, maverick quilting or art quilting. I do have an outside job (like Barb) so I can't find a whole lot of time to quilt. And because I'm a caregiver for my Auntie in Denver-town I find that knitting (specifically sox) is a much more portable project.

Belvie said...

I've had this topic on my mind for a while now. I joined Q4P several months ago, but due to life events recently...I had not been posting nor did I have time to read many blogs. I know you are suppose to visit around the blogring and leave comments, but the ring got so large it took so much time to do that. I thought about why I started my blog. It was a place for me to talk about my love of quilting and adjusting to life with an "empty nest". With that in mind, I have decided I will continue my blog, but not join a ring. I can do that without the pressure of having to post on a schedule or on a certain topic. I can talk about all the different forms of needlework I do without feeling I'm breaking the rules.

I have your blog bookmarked and will continue to visit whether you are the member of a ring or not.

Morah said...

It's so good to see that there are others like me out there. Perhaps this ring is exactly what we need. I resigned from the Q4P ring because I no longer met the guidelines. I really out to quit the StashQuilters also. I so agree with what you had to say. I would like to add that who has TIME to work, be a wife/mother/caregiver, quilt and blog all the time. I did for a while but life changed. Thanks for putting your words out there. Looking forward to reading your blog.

Valerie said...

Lol* I agree with you and your commenters! Lol* I joined Q4P to meet other quilters, and give them the opportunity to meet me. But I pretty much kept track of all the blogs I read through bloglines, so I rarely navigated through the ring anyhow. It seems lots of bloggers are using bloglines these days, so I'm still able to meet plenty of quilters, even without a ring. I just thought it was nice to feel a part of something with other quilters, but just as you all mentioned, I have demands in life that often prevent me from posting weekly. So instead of joining the new ring, I've just decided I'll post when I feel like it, and read my blogs when I feel like it. Lol* Life is too short to add pressure to my "relax" time! Lol*

Susan said...

I think when I started, I was more concerned about belonging. Now I don't really care so much. I mostly blog for me and a few friends who are interested, and that's okay. I do navigate through the rings, and enjoy doing it that way.

I chose to have two blogs to separate my interests for myself, for a different audience, but I don't see why there can't be a "generalist" ring. You ought to start your own! It's easy at alt webring. E-me and I'll give you more info.