Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Potpourri

Monday was StoneSoup Quilts. I am not a Quaker myself, but really enjoy participating in this group supported by the North Seattle Friends church. Each Monday we gather to assemble kits that can be made into quilts. The tops are returned to the church and another group assembles the quilt 'sandwich' (batting and backing), another finds binding and attach that and then they are quilted. Many hands touch these quilts. These become beautiful realities that are passed on to patients at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Center (and a couple of other facilities). One of our members, Sharon, died this past week, from cancer, and we are all diminshed by her passing.

Tuesday I was one of the leaders at Camp Stitch-a-lot. The CTA's in Snohomish county have a two week summer "camp" for 8-18 year olds to learn and perfect their sewing skills. It was exhausting but great fun. The kids bring their own machines and fabric. We (CTA's) supply adults, thread, advice and snacks. What an adventure. They started with little squares to make charity baby quilts. They moved on to alphabet pillows. Later in the week they will start on pajama bottoms and tops. The advanced group, in early July, will make bedroom accessories: window valance, bulletin board, bed pillows, etc.

Wednesday I got to use the little Dutch cookbook that Jacqueline (from Crazy Exchange) had sent me. I made the Apricot Butter Cake (aprikozen botterkoek). Oh my that was right next to heavenly! I brought half of it along with me and my former Dutch (language) teacher to visit some of her private students who had recently traveled to the Netherlands. As we had all chatted before their trip, this was a report back and seeing photos and enjoying a wonderful cup of tea and cake. They also brought some very typical Dutch cake - a heavier, fruit cake. (Deventerkoek). A calorically delightful time.

Yesterday I was a volunteer usher for a local production of a Noel Coward review, entitled "A Marvelous Party -The Noel Coward Celebration". And marvelous it was. So very well done: 3 men and a gal, sang and danced and kept us all tapping our toes throughout the 2 hours. You are, of course, familiar with the song, "Let's Do It - let's fall in love". They even managed to write several new, timely and topical verses to that song. The house was in stitches. So for a bit of ticket-taking I got to enjoy this delightful production. If it comes your way, take it in.

Today, bless the Gods that be, the sun is shining and predicted to be about 80`. Now isn't that just what is supposed to be happening? And it happens that we are celebrating our friend Diane's birthday with a picnic supper on the shores of Puget Sound. So I musn't let the morning go on too long without getting started on my part of the food contributions, including a little birthday cake, of course. And tomorrow I will stack and whack-it. Ah - life IS good.

I forgot to say, I'm still working on putting the border on my block quilt:

And the mock oranage is blooming just outside the back door:

You know it's good!


Janaina said...

Ok, questions:
-what are the little ^ here and there (at the green piece being sewed at the 3rd pic from top to bottom) for? (stupid question from somebody about to get her 1st sewing machine)
-is Megan supposed to sew the fabric AND the paper on it? (take a look at the next pic)
-that pretty pretty lady in pink and with a lovely hat... Is that you?! =)
-what is a bulletin board?!
-do you think I can have a piece of that world famous aprikozen botterkoek by mail?! Lol =P

méri said...

Always very, very busy!
Have a lovely weekend!