Sunday, June 22, 2008

Never in a rut!

I really am so fortunate that I get to do lots and lots of things. Life is never dull. Some of you know that I belong to a women's RVing group and we have monthly outings. Just returned this evening from another doozie. But before I tell you about that, when we arrived home there was a parcel on my doorstep. Somehow it seems that I often get these parcels when I'm out of town, so what a marvelous "welcome home" with a goodie package. This was from Edda in Iceland. She and I are part of the Crazy Exchange and she was sending me a package in return for one I had sent her. The very nicest part of this package was a beautiful biscornu which she made for me. I didn't have one and I had seen them on the exchange and hoped that I would get one - and here it is. A beautiful rose linen with varigated thread in colors of peach and rose and teal. Oh so georgous! [I think the name is french - I didn't know about them before this group. Beautiful stitching.]

Camping this week-end was at the Pacific ocean, at a place called Long Beach (because it has a long beach - yeah, yeah, yeah). The weather wasn't bad at all, not overly windy and we were able to ride our bicycles into town from the RV park - about 5 miles. We found Anna Lena's Quilt Store which I have patronized before. Beautiful fabric. She also has killer fudge - especially the cranberry/walnut from cranberries grown right there. After that uplifting time, we headed down to the beach for the Doggie Olympics. LongBeach has a no-kill animal shelter and this is their major fund-raiser. Each dog and owner pay a small fee to enter and there were events from noon until almost 4pm. Some of these folks [two and four legged varieties] are real competitors and those were coveted medals they won: gold, silver or bronze (colored). Which dog will shed the most when brushed for 3 minutes, which dog can run the "bases" of a baseball diamond and follow a different command at each base, which dog licks the peanut butter off the spoon fastest, and they ended with a small agility ring. Each event had the competition divided into small, medium and large dogs. Everything from the pekinese (sp?) in the pink tutu running across the teeter-totter in agility, to the great dane loping around the bases. [Interestingly, her owner was deaf and she responded solely to hand signals - and she won!] Really delightful.

Can you see the line of brown pelicans swooping over the ocean? (I think you can click to enlarge the photo)

After some lunch in town we headed back to our little abodes, along a marvelous paved walking/bicycle trail through the dunes. Even the deer weren't bothered when we pedaled past.


loulee1 said...

Looks like a wonderful day was had by all.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - what a great fundraiser by the animal shelter, sounds like lots of fun :)

Janaina said...

The doggies competion sounds great! I wish I could go there with you! =D