Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This must be what teachers feel like

It's June and the craziness is just about finished. I think I may soon have my life back under control and that will be marvelous. Working backwards: today was the last day of my refugee ladies sewing group. We had a very fun potluck lunch - a new concept for many of them.

Monday was the CTA graduation. Two of our number were away from the big to-do, but the rest of us were there to celebrate. Is anyone else, out there in cyberspace, also a CTA?

Saturday was a big potluck at church in commemoration of the the retirement of our senior pastor. How he will be missed. And Sunday's service had quite a few tears. Friday night was a 'welcome to town' party we gave for friends from Anapolis, MD. [with lots of dirty dishes left over] :-(

I did a bit of baby-sitting for my friend Danielle last week, as she had some medical appointments. She encouraged me with these fabulous roses.

And a teensy bit of sewing did get done - put these block in a box squares together. With a bit of a border we should have a fine lap quilt done.

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méri said...

You have been very busy, indeed. No time for blogging :)

I have no idea what is a CTA... but I think I know what is a potluck (new word for me, I had to go for dictionary)and here we use it many times to meet friends.

Have a great week!