Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back in the Groove

Hello, hello - it has been a while and I'm working my way back into the usual. Our trip to Yellowstone National Park was amazing - I'm sure any of you who have been will agree. I am putting together a slideshow of the trip to put on the sidebar. So soon, with that.
Crazy mom quilts project (from some months ago):

Alayne has finished with the longarm-ing and I am finished with attaching the binding. As this was a scrappy quilt, I used strips of the various fabrics for my binding. I think it's pretty darn cute. This will be a gift for a wedding at the end of September.

Also ready to tie knots and sew the binding for the "challenging" quilt for youngest granddaughter.

Driving home from Yellowstone, we stopped at a wheat co-op in Montana. Bought some white wheat flour and some "imperfect" bread - for 50 cents per loaf. [what is imperfect bread? the crust got too brown!] So, thought I, why not haul out the bread machine and try my hand, again, at some bread making? I remember how and found a recipe that sounded good. This door stop was pretty awful! (it's too big for a hockey puck). I used only the wheat flour and it was just waaaaaay too heavy. I could barely cut it into pieces for the birds. So I had to try again with the proper flour and happily it turned out as it should. Very tasty toast for breakfast.


AFTER: [This is the recipe for a small size loaf.]

Caroline arrives from the Netherlands this afternoon. We have a jam-packed 12 days of "all-things" quilty. Won't that be fun? Will try for lots of photos to commemorate this - her first trip to the U.S. Isn't life good?


Janaina said...

Now look at the lovely colors you picked for the quilt! So sweet! =)
The loaf looks yummy!

Simone said...

Did Caroline arrive safely? And did you already you receive your presents? We want pics!!!

Janaina said...

We want LOOOOOTS of pics! =P

amandajean said...

your quilt is so beautiful! you did a wonderful job!!!