Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's almost October! Yikes!

Well, life has been busy after my marvelous days with Caro. I have been doing some catching up and finishing up and trying to make some sense of my sewing room. Oh my goodness! It's so easy to just plop things down instead of helping them find their home and then all of a sudden CHAOS!

I have been sewing but cannot show you everything because I know that a couple of folks do see my blog from time to time. Our crazy exchange group has the usual exchanges going on - I have one in progress. They are also doing an autumn exchange. I finally managed to finish up my little project. It proved to be a bit more demanding than I had expected. The particularly fun challenge was to find some other little goodies to include in the parcel - but with a total expenditure of only $5.00. You should try it sometime - it was so much fun to find things that were on the close-out table, marked waaaaaay down, Goodwill, even found some freebies which I could include and still stay within that limit. Tomorrow I shall wend my way to the post office and ship some things out.

I have had a hankering to do some handwork, so have made one applique piece - not sure how I will finish it and have started some needlework, which may turn into a Christmas gift. It probably is time (or past time) to get myself busy with thinking about what I might want to complete before the holidays.

Here are some photos. I will point out - should you miss the significance - of the partially cleared off sewing table. I sometimes don't see that tabletop for months at a time. The little pastel/white pieces are something I'm playing with, with scraps from Stone Soup quilts. Game pieces for a children's game, with a quilter's hand involved (part of an exchange) and my tidy bins.

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