Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's news

Actually go back to a beautiful Sunday afternoon walk. These lovely flowers and changing trees with likely be gone soon. Alas! Autumn approaches.

I can only show you a peek of autumn-themed table runner for a crazy exchange gift. My free-motion quilting is not my strongest skills, but I'm practicing, which is what all the books say is required. Monday's project.

Now to do the quilting on the crazy pink and orange little quilt for #1 granddaughter. I finished the Dick and Jane one for GD #3. And then to make the pillow for GS (the #2 kid). I need to get these finished as my quilting buddy Ronda and I have made a promise to each other that we will work together to make some Christmas gifts - table runners. I have been putting aside the patterns that I come across that I like, so we can share our inspiration. That is currently scheduled for Oct. 11 - our stashbuster quilt group is having a day retreat. I'm looking forward to it.

Today was the final preparation for the sewing class which begins next week. Norma and I decided to give each of our sewing machines the "once over" - as best we could - before classes start. So with a brush and canned air and some Q-tips and rags and some sewing machine oil, we tried to be sure they were as good as was possible. 4 of the 6 machines we have are old, donated machines and have some real challenges working properly. That just makes learning to sew even more difficult. But we have tried to get them in tip, top shape for our 6 ladies coming next week. This year we made little notebooks with vocabulary lists for them [this class is really sewing and English] and will begin with parts of the sewing machine. It's challenging to think of all the words that we take for granted; even the system of measurements we use here are not what these ladies are used to - we use inches and yards and they use all metric measurements. Keeps ya on your toes. We'll see if they will allow any photos in their class.

On with our projects. Life is good!

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