Saturday, September 13, 2008

Such an amazing few days

My friend Caroline has been here visiting me from the Netherlands. We have been having a simply wonderful time, doing so many things: quilt stores, sightseeing, eating, visiting friends - oh so much to do and the days just go by so quickly. And tomorrow she will return to the Netherlands and home.

We visited my Dutch teacher for coffee and conversation:

[hopefully my Dutch has improved a bit]. With luck, I will be able to visit the Netherlands again and Caroline and our friend Jacqueline will be able to come back here in a year or so.

While Caroline has been here we have been "required" to visit so many quilt shops and "sample" a few of their wares. So my stash has only been increased in a modest way (that's what Caro said!) I will have a few things to show you over the next few months. I did get the border put on oldest grandaughter's quilt:
Stone Soup Quilts is starting again, along with CTA and the sewing classes for the African women. Life is getting busy again with the arrival of autumn. I'll keep you posted on this good life.


Marika said...

Nice to hear that you have spend wonderfull days with C. Quilt looks very beautifull as your works always do. I am showing all our guests that fantastic quilt which you send me.
I hope you have pleasure autumn !

jacq said...

The quilt looks great yoy granddaugher will love it! and Yes feb 2010 I will come with caro to Visit you, so exited isn't it.

Ken's choice said...

How nice to hear that Dutch friends have been visiting you, I hope to visit friends in the States soon,
the quilts I have seen on your Blog are beautiful,
I got one as a present, a Love quilt made by the ladies from cross stitch crazy board, 42 cross stitched squares, quilted together by one of my board friends, Kristin !!
it was meant to be for My DH and me ,but alas, My DH passed away before It was sent to me.
I do cross stitch, that's my favourite hobby !!
please come and visit my Blog.
coffee is always ready !!
I'm born Dutch but have the British nationality by marriage
but It is on his bed now, and near to me !!

Ken's choice said...

Hi, thanks for your visit,
Ransdorp is direction Hoorn, Alkmaar (on the map, situated above Amsterdam.direction ijsselmeer)
It's a gorgeous little village.
I've got an email from one of your friends, but I haven't answered yet,
Naughty girl me !!
there is a map on