Monday, November 3, 2008

Time marches on

We grandma's are a silly bunch, but we sure do love to show off our special little ones. Having more time in our lives, allows us to just enjoy them so much. So having said that, here are my three with some "Nana-made" gifts

We had a delightful visit on Saturday. They also were able to finally receive the gifts that Caroline had brought them from the Netherlands. They were all sick with bad colds when she was here and we didn't want to infect everyone.

M got a delightful "Miffy/Nijnja" plate. She immediately walked it over to her highchair and put it on the tray. O got an Oranje soccer shirt - perfect fit and E got a delightful pony purse. They also all got new books. Boy oh boy, almost like Christmas.

I have actually been doing some sewing, but cannot show yet because both things are for crazy exchange and you know how those girls are. ;-> They lurk around blogs looking for clues so I cannot give a peek. Soon, though.

Off to New Orleans for another post-Katrina build through the church. It was an incredible experience before and I expect nothing less this time. We are so lucky - keep these poor folks in your heart. Life is good (for some of us).


Marika said...

They look all so beautiful !! I am sure it´s easy to be proud grandmom !! :-) I love also doing charity work but nowadays I have so little time for that. Maybe it will chance after we have opened our new business.
Hugs from snowy Finland,

Joke said...

Hi Marne, I want to let you know: I tagged you, please take a look at my blog.