Thursday, October 30, 2008

I forgot

[lots of photos]

Well, I was so busy thinking about my fabric and thread projects I forgot the lovelier events of this week. And now that it is being "misty/moisty" I am reminded to look again at what we could see earlier this week.

I really am being forgetful. White chocolate (my project for over a year) returned from the long-armer this week. Isn't it just the most beautiful? I am still totally in love with it. Now just to add the binding and it will be good to go.


Joke said...
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Joke said...

I just can't decide what I like the most: nature's or your work :)

Ken's choice said...

Oh wow wow wow, that is a beautiful quilt, you must love your sewing machine as much as I love my needles.
I like your garden Photos as well, sush vibrant colours,
it was nice to hear from you again, I;m not doing a lot on the blog or board, I;m busy making Christmas cardx.
but when this month is over, I'll be back again.

kjquilts said...

The fall colors are glorious! Love your quilt! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You're right, I was gone too long this summer.