Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Baby it's cold outside"

As you can tell from my little weather girl, it is doggone chilly outside. In the midst of our Christmas wrapping party (for our adopted families) it started to come down. It has stayed mighty cold, thus the snow has not gone away.

Carol S. (crazy exchange) said they were out of power for quite a while, with their ice storm - much worse than we suffered here. But still, I don't want to go outside. What shall I do???? Perhaps I could sew?

Soon it will be my dear friend Ronda's birthday, so I cannot show you what I'm making (she has been known to peak here) but have been working to finish up my table runner, in-the-making. I forget the actual pattern name, four-patch flowers - but they are such fun. You start with a less than perfect fabric:

Stack up four repeats of the pattern, exactly matched, and cut them into squares. Mine are 3 1/2" squares, and then reassemble them into different "flower" shapes. It is astonishing how different they look.

Add a bit of sashing and you would hardly know it was the same fabric. Our quilt guild has decided that as we have all made our own version of this pattern (four patch whatever) we would show them as a group at the big quilt show in the spring. Just kind of a peak into what you can do with the same pattern but different fabrics (and settings). Should be quite fun.

Stay warm!

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Ballardquilter said...

You are right, I do peek. I can't wait to see what you are making me for my 29th birthday.