Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to you all!

It is very strange to NOT have Christmas festivities today, 12/25. The original plan had been to "do" Christmas with my children and grandchildren on the 24th and then stay over until today and see what Santa brought the children. The snow and ice was too much for this very hilly town. Our roads are "kind of" plowed, there is some sanding but no salt or de-icer is used. So it can be doggone treacherous to take on some of the streets. The only smart choice was to postpone until travel looks to be easier.

So, Saturday all the troops will be coming here for Christmas. Presuming that everyone can get here safely. In the meantime we had been emailing with the kids and sending pictures of the house and getting ready:

Nana is heading toward lemon tarts:

As well as making sure our feathered friends are not going hungry:

All of this change of plans has allowed me some unexpected time at the sewing machine. Three of us in my RV group are making and exchanging easy blocks. December is the third month, so three groups of blocks so far.

I finished up one Crazy Exchange item to mail off - so I can't show you, but I received an exchange yesterday later in the day. Perfect timing:
Carol does really beautiful needlework, lovely finishes (there are little gold beads all the way around) and is just prolific. So it is a treat to be the recipient of one of her pieces.

We may be a bit "tardy" but we are sure gonna have us some fun. And hey, why not stretch this out over several days. Such fun.
Happy Holidays to you and yours


Marika said...

I hope you all had wonderfull Christmas ! And I love that tiny reindeer what you received from Carol !! She is such a sweet. :-)

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful gift from Carol. Yeah the weather messed up my Christmas Eve plans too!

Janaina said...

Love your pic with the "Merry Xmas" . Look at all that snow! =)