Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Check-In

Greetings on a very gray, windy day. The TV weatherman says we might even expect snow overnight. I do wonder about that little weather pixie sometimes. She is showing a bit of sunshine behind a few clouds. Nothing like that at my house. We did get all the outside faucets wrapped up, just in case it really does get cold over the next week. There is even the possibility of overnight temperatures in the teens and twenties - that's really cold for us. This is the moderate northwest with winds off the ocean (Puget Sound) to keep things neither too hot or too cold. Still thankful that furnace is back with us. :-) [I know that I read this this morning, but can I find the exact citation? NO! Did you read that a Russian has copyrighted these little smiley faces - although he won't go chasing after folks like me who use it in emails and such?]

Wednesday and yesterday I managed to find some dedicated sewing time. Hurrah! I'm working on finishing up bits and pieces in the sewing room. I still have a couple of Christmas table runners in the works. Guess I'll have those for next year - ready really early. My daughter asked for a tea cozy for Christmas - she complained that with a quilting mom, she should surely have one made especially for her. I did that yesterday, but I've already wrapped it and forgot to take a photo. Here is the fabric I used, though: (tea bags for the outside and cups for the lining)

I also managed to finish up a 5" charm squares table runner (still be be bound, of course)

(I didn't actually hang it sideways, but you know how that goes.)

And I finally put together some 8 1/2" squares that I bought years ago at Hilo Hattie's (in Honolulu). They are a Hawaiian shirt fabric - so I'm thinking they are rayon. But it might make a very nice summertime coverlet. Anyway, getting fabric out of the drawers feels so good.

Tomorrow night is our annual wrapping party. For the past 10 (?) years a group of friends have gathered at Christmas. We adopt a family (or 2, this year) and each buy gifts for one person and then bring them to see what each other has bought and to wrap them. I make some sort of main course and the others bring things to share. I will make a cheesy chicken and wild rice soup, this year. Other donations include salad, bread and dessert. It is such fun and a marvelous way to really begin the holiday season.

Happiness to you all.

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jacq said...

I think your daugher is wright about that teacosy!
and i love that table runner.