Monday, December 22, 2008

"God Bless us, everyone"

Well, like much of the entire country, we are covered in snow. I know - you've heard me comment on this several times. But for a city that normally get 3 inches of snow in an entire year, we have had over 8 inches, just at our house, in the past 10 days. And with all our hills, it makes getting places mighty dicey.

But as I cannot get out, it means that I have been able to finish up a number of items that have been "calling my name" (from out the sewing room). In fact, I have finished up 5 tops for Christmas next year (a bit too late, now.) I have finished the tops for two different four patch posey table runners (my new favorite size - bed quilts take TOO long.) The wider of the two will be a gift; the long, skinny one will hang around here until the april Quilt Guild show.

Next week it is my dear friend Ronda's birthday - how many is this????? So I made her a little wall hanging, using the new (to me) technique that Caroline taught me on Skype.


Did I ever show you the quilt that our Stashbusters group made? Each year we make a quilt (together) that is then auctioned off. The proceeds from that quilt auction "cover" our rental for the space in which we meet during the year. It really is quite gorgeous and I wish my tickets had won it. I understand it was a woman from Pennsylvania. I was part of the team who selected this pattern. Not sure what we'll do for next year - but I'm just a worker-bee for this next one.

I'm a little anxious about getting to my daughter's for Christmas. We are supposed to be there on the 24th, so that we can have Christmas with her family and my son and his wife. We then stay overnight and see, the next morning, what Santa left for the children. While they don't live that far, in miles, it requires a ferry ride. There is a long, steep hill down to the ferry terminal, boat for 30 minutes, then a short-ish drive on a small, two lane road to get to their home. I feel sure that the county hasn't sanded that road. Hmmmmm. I do hope we won't have to delay our celebrations.

I hope that your celebrations are timely and joyful.
Good Holiday wishes,


Ballardquilter said...

Thank you for the lovely birthday gift. Just what a 28 year old quilter wants!

Marika said...

I hope that you and your family have Merry Christmas !!