Thursday, February 5, 2009

Camera located

Makes you think this will be a really fabulous blog, this afternoon. No? Sorry, but I did finally locate where I had put the camera down. It is so annoying to be looking for something and because you see it often, you can look right past it and it just blends into the background. But here is what I have been doing for the last couple of days.
Strips of fabric purchased for under $4 sliced into 2 1/4" squares and made into 9 patches.

Nine patches cut in half each direction,

Then reassembled into a marvelously crazy whole,

I manage to give away virtually everything I make (other than my wonderful bed quilt). The Stone Soup Quilters meet at a local Quaker Church and they have what they have designated as their Gallery Wall. It is time for Stone Soup to put up some things that we have made. And who didn't have anything to contribute? Moi. So here's my goofy little piece to add to the mix.

Tonight my Stashbusters group (little Quilt Guild) is gathering for a Mexican supper and then we are headed to a play of Gee's Bend. It has been getting pretty good reviews, locally, so we shall see how it goes. Tomorrow it's check-back with the doctor for the Shingles. Wish I could say it was all gone, but we're getting there, I guess. Been collecting a few treasures to take to the Netherlands with us, but as I know there are blog-readers out there I can't tell you. Just a big tease!

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Anonymous said...

Just 25 days, love your quilts especially the colours are lovely. groetjes Caroline