Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Musings from Marne

Here's some of this and some of that. Karen was talking about sewing baskets, so I unearthed this one that my brother had given me several years ago. I haven't used it, but have it put aside. It is really white colored - don't know why my camera tends to give some photos a yellow cast. Any suggestions?

Last week, a friend passed along some of the Amish Friendship Bread starter. I had done this over a year or more ago, but haven't had any for a while. So Friday it was Day 10 and time to add to the batter, divide it to give to others and bake some for us. All went very well and seemed well received by my neighbors. [Dear readers - do you know what I'm talking about here? Is this familiar to you?]

I have been working on a quilt top that is kind of crazy and bright, but I have been quite attracted to it. I really didn't have anything or anyone in mind for this one. So I had pretty much decided that I would give it to a local charity that is near and dear to our hearts. Rabour Village Project has an annual fund-raising auction and this seemed like a good donation. Well, things do have a marvelous way of working out, don't they. I finished the top on Saturday night.

On Sunday morning I was talking with a quilting acquaintance at church. She was feeling really anxious as her husband is to begin radiation and chemo-therapy this week. She said to me - I need something to do while Tom is at his treatment. Do you have a quilt you want me to quilt for you? It is quite amazing, no? I had to go buy some batting, but did have some good-quality muslin for backing. This should end up as a very nice donation quilt, which has served at least two of us. Wow!

We woke up this morning, to a surprising dousing of snow. But it quickly became a very nice day, so it was beautiful heading out the door this morning.

I was heading out to CTA (Clothing and Textile Advisors) monthly meeting. Today we were brushing up our skills on sewing on knits, by making T-shirts for children in the foster care system (something we do fairly often throughout the year)

After I arrived home this afternoon, after CTA, there was a parcel for me. Friend Karen (see above) recently returned from the Netherlands and found me a little treasure while she was there. Isn't this just the cutest? A procelain Klompen (Dutch shoe) which also has a little pin cushion in the top. Oh, I'm so very lucky. Thank you Karen, very much.


Joke said...

Where on earth did Karen find this Klompje?? I've never seen one like that, with a pincushion on top!

Passionate Quilter said...

Hi Joke--I tried to find your email to tell you what I did. I bought the little klompje as pairs pretty inexpensively at a tourist shop in Amsterdam. Then I cut the ribbon apart, yielding 2 klompje. I inserted a longer ribbon, to be worn around the neck. I cut a circle of fabric (I had that delft fabric) and stuffed it with fiberfill and then stuffed it into the klompje! It's so tight in there, I didn't even use glue to hold it.

Passionate Quilter said...

Marne--I love your sewing basket--the decals are identical to mine, but my basket is pink! It's my
'purchased' inheritance! LOL I think Mom had one like yours, but she gave it to my NON-sewing sister! Can you believe that? LOL So, good ole Ebay to the rescue.

disa said...