Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday - again

Well, I tried to get to this blog before today, but haven't seemed to have made it. This has been a fairly quiet week on the homefront. I finished up and framed the single flower from Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins, "The New Applique Sampler" (Block 2, Spring Sampler). This is intended as a gift for the daughter of Margaret Conner [quilt frame and treadle machine - see below] just a little Thank You. I have the pieces cut out to make the full wreath; taking that on vacation with me. If I can get to the place where I feel really good about my curved applique skills, then I'll try pointed pieces (again).

Otherwise, I've made another split 9-patch. Seems that there is always an auction looking for some little piece and seems that there is always someone (who?) can never say "no". So this top is done, as are the hanging loops. I have the backing picked out, so just to put the whole thing together. I think it's due week after next.

Lastly, at the Stashbusters meeting last night we drew the name of who would win all the black and white strip squares. You may remember that at our belated Christmas gathering, each person got a 10" muslin block to be covered with black and white 'strings'. No other colors to be included. So Judi won 18 squares and we all 'helped' her with various layout possibilities. fun, fun.
(sorry this is fuzzy) This is such an easy project, we thought perhaps we will institute some sort of birthday block trade. What does your quilt group do?

As you might imagine I'm getting rather excited about the up-coming vacation. It seemed so long ago, in September, when the planning began, but time has a way of marching on and arriving eventually at the target date. I already have the smaller suitcase virtually filled with things I'm taking as gifts and a few purchases that Caroline has had me make on her behalf. We are making arrangements to meet with new (to us) quilters, both from my crazy exchange group and Lucy van der Sluis, Haarlem and Agnes Mijnhout, Houten. We still have a couple of empty spaces in the calendar - what other mischief can we get up to? I'm so lucky - Life is Good!

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