Monday, June 1, 2009

We keep on learning

While on my visit to the Netherlands, Caroline and I visited the Westhoffen stoffe factory store in Meunster, Germany. I had seen a quilt that I just adored on their website and wanted to get the fabrics they had shown. Almost never do I make a quilt in the exact same colors as shown in a public pattern - but I loved this cool, comforting green quilt. I figured (silly me) that I could probably figure out the pattern and could ask for help from my German speaking friends.

And so with metric tape measure and American rulers, I began to make the blocks. (oh how I wish I had a metric rule to cut with - for this little 'dear' proved to be a major challenge!) The pattern indicated (all in German) the sizes I would need for the various pieces. It required a bit of tweaking, but I got the two windmill blocks complete:

And then I began the challenge of making the log-cabin blocks. They should be simple, thought I. Simple me - when I read the sizes as listed it didn't occur to me that I had to add seam allowances to those sizes. I made two log cabins of the green fabric and they kept being too small. They were supposed to finish at 20cm and mine were smaller. I re-did the math to be sure that there wasn't an error there. I kept making my strips longer and still they were too small. It was only by about 4pm yesterday (after working on this since noon) that I realized that not only did I need to add seam allowance to the length, but must also allow additional fabric for the internal width seam allowances. DHHHHH! (oh yes, and I made 3 scrap fabric ones to test out my slow-to-learn process.) And so, word to the wise: when you are using a metric pattern be sure to check if seam allowances are included in the measurements given.

I still love it, it is just a bit slower in coming to be than I had envisioned. And I will have 14 smaller log cabin blocks to use on the back. "So soon old and so late smart" :-)


Sontag Haus Farm said...

this is a test

Joke said...

Marne, how good to read this, I didn't even get started and already learning from you LOL