Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holidays Approaching

A little more than 1 week to go. It could get frantic if I let it - but I'm just enjoying each day's happenings. Monday was my CTA (Clothing and Textile Advisors) group's annual holiday cookie exchange:
This box is a little less full than it was on Monday afternoon. But of course that was only because we had a friend over for dinner on Monday night (not that I have eaten any - no?). I had made my requisite 5 dozen cookies from a recipe new to me, but oh so yummy. Eggnog cookies that are frosted with more eggnog and a touch of rum (or rum extract) and powdered sugar.

We also did an ornament exchange at the CTA event. This year they were required to be something homemade/handmade to go on a holiday tree. It was wonderful to see what clever things people came up with. Here is mine, which I simply adore [is there a frustrated embroiderer trying to emerge here?]

The little french knot berries are just marvelous.

Nana has about finished up her 'Nanamade' gifts. I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo before I wrapped them - but my friend Shirley did this pattern and shared it with me last summer. Oldest GD saw it and virtually 'swooned'. So thank you to Shirley, I made 3 for her (the one with the 3 American Girl dolls) and 1 for youngest GD with the baby doll.

Cute, clever and easy to do. I used "conversation"prints for the tops and then just muslin for the lining. They finish up about 20 x 12, plus the ribbon.

Latest sewing project (other than Christmas) is a lap quilt that I committed to making some while ago. Paula has done this type of thing, too. It's easy to say 'yes' and then when it's time to complete the whole thing, it has somehow lost some of its glitter. My goal was easy and fast and the to-be owner wanted something to go with her newly redecorated maroon/wine colored bedroom. So here it is. 2 or 3 borders to be added and then finish a back. It is a very soft Moda flannel.

Tonight is a local comedy duo's annual Christmas presentation. I don't think you can call it a play, but a series of very funny skits. I just felt like laughing. "Ham for the Holidays"

Tomorrow night is my quilt group's holiday potluck and ugly fabric exchange. [actually it is fun to shop during the year for the worst looking stuff you can find!]

Phew! Enjoy the days as they fly past. Life is good.

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