Wednesday, December 2, 2009

See - I wasn't kidding

Well I have been doing a few things, just didn't have the photos ready to prove it. [and then I dropped the camera on my way to the computer - actually bounced it down the stairs - yikes! A few funky photos but I think all is OK. Phew!]

So: Borders for Christmas Lights

Sew little rectangles with 5" squares (I didn't have a charm pack, I just cut them) and tie them onto a wreath.

To become string pieced squares. I have never sewn these on paper - have you done that? I usually use muslin or something else thin (and cheap).

Are these not the cutest things you have ever seen? I found these at a fabric sale in a bin of bits and pieces. They are 'oatmeal' color yarn, about 2 inches tall. Won't they be just the most fun on the Christmas tree?

The sun is shining, so think I'll head out for a walk after some lunch. Ain't life great?

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ROZ said...

those cute little things would make nice pincushions