Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frosty, Pink Morning

How I love these mornings that are clear and frosty and the sky goes all pink. No snow, mind you - this is the N.W. and snow is something of a rarity. It's 8am and about 33` in the backyard. Georgous!

Christmas with children and grandchildren was special, as always. In the days after got one more visit with my son and DIL before they return to the East Coast and 'real' winter weather and dinners with friends. So nice!

The dog had a great time right in the middle of everything. AND the new science experiment worked!

Want to let you know that I am excited to be heading to the Rose Bowl Parade. I'm not a great football fan, but have watched the parade on TV for more years than I want to count. So for the first time I will get to see it "up close and personal". Yeah! Details and photos next week.

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