Sunday, March 28, 2010

Phew - what a time!

If you even had a quick glance at Caroline's blog you know that there was not a lot of 'sitting around' time going on around here. It was a pretty much non-stop 12 days. In fact, during the last 2 days there was a bit of consternation about whether everyone could fit all their purchases into their 2+ suitcases. There were projects to be completed, washing fabric, a quick trip (?) back to one fabric store with some sun bleached fabrics, which they very graciously gave to the purchaser AND gave her full credit. We bought muslin (apparently difficult to locate in the Netherlands) and batting (expensive) - both by the yards. Thank goodness for Jo-Ann's great coupons. Tools and toys, clothes for the children and gifts for husbands and spouses. The economy of the Pacific Northwest benefited mightily by the visit of these three great women.

I was the recipient of several fabulous gifts, including:

A beautiful book about the history of quilting in the Netherlands. I can read some of it, and there are no end of exquisite pictures.

Now are these not just the cutest little chicken egg warmers? And they are really easy to make - I've made 8 already as Easter gifts. (Nice that she shared the pattern with me.)

An incredible alphabet and quilt block stitchery, framed.

And, of course, a great bucket-full of marvelous memories. [Caroline has posted even more photos on her blog - so check it out if you wish]

We were so busy I really haven't accomplished much on my own. I am working on the pieced back of one piece and machine quilting another. Those are both gifts so photos must wait for completion and delivery, I think. Oh yes and my DD's birthday is coming up, so must get her gift finished. I did buy backing and got it washed. Now just for the next parts for completion.

I wish you the kind of joy I have experienced with fellow quilters - such fabulous people. Aren't we so lucky? Life is good!

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Caroline said...

The dutch invasion is over, time for quiet afternoons : ), bye bye Caro