Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Keeping busy

Report on non-quilty activities:

When I was a working girl, our job descriptions used to include a phrase something like 'other duties as assigned'. This is a time of other duties, as needed. As some of you know, in just over a week, 3 quilting gal friends will arrive from the Netherlands. That means that a) my house needs a good cleaning, b) that several of those "I'm gonna get around to it" projects need completion and c) I need to 'clear the decks' of life in general, so that I can dedicate 12 days to playing. I am happy to report that I think we're just about there.

The jigsaw puzzle is complete and can be put away to clear the table for whatever is needed in one bedroom.

The floor and the wall behind the toilet (and the rest of the room) have been scrubbed [on hands and knees]. [I used Spic 'n Span. My mom used to use that. Ah the old smell.] I'm sure that you usually do that job with regularity, but I must admit to avoiding it for as long as I can.

Most of the dusting has been done. I will leave vacuuming to the last minute so it doesn't have to be done again. If they want to complain about how dirty my windows are - they can have a bucket and sponge. :-)

We're gonna have a great time and we'll share photos with you. Caro and I have had fabulous visits in the past and now we have 2 more friends to share it with. Lucky us! Life IS good!


willemijn said...

Hi Marne, no problem we can help you with the bucket and sponge! But after some quiltshop visits, hihi....

Anonymous said...

Life is good. I can't wait to see you both. bye bye Caro
p.s. I will not complain about windows. Better spend our time quilting!!!

ballardquilter said...

Your bathroom looks too clean to ever use again.