Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday afternoon

When I was last visiting in the Netherlands I met a group of simply charming Dutch stitchers. In fact, with lovely weather, Simone hosted 6 of us for a potluck lunch. She has now gone on to begin her own etsy. (should that be capitalized?) It is written in both Dutch and English, so check it out and check out her opening give away:

I should also mention another friend, Willemijn, with an etsy, who now has a blog (although it is written entirely in Dutch. Maybe we can influence her as her command of English is very good)


Anonymous said...

Here you can find the picture of the quiltbee in the Netherlands, almost 1 year ago, such a wonderful day with beautiful weather. The next quiltbee I will have will be in Seattle ;). groetjes Caroline

Anonymous said...

I'm already busy making a list, and I can tell you, two weeks is not enough. bye bye Caro