Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random photos

The big photo tour is still being arranged on the other computer, but here are a few random photos from my camera which might be interesting

Much of the western U.S. is covered with wheat - miles and miles of it. Kind of pretty.

Arches National Park is a most fascinating place. These huge, red rock formations are hard to describe. If you look closely at the first photo in the far left opening, at the bottom, you can see some dots of color. Those are hikers (give you a sense of proportion)

This little fellow (or girl) found their way to my car mirror, in Moab, Utah. He/she stayed there for an entire day. I'm sure the metal was nice and warm although the food supply was sadly lacking, me thinks.

Storms move in quickly in the afternoon, in Colorado. In a matter of 10 minutes it started raining and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Amazing. Then it stopped again in about half an hour.

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