Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday sunshine

Our friend Laura is here visiting from sunny southern California.  Luckily we have been able to show her some sunshine while she is here (not always the case in November in the northwest).

Last week at the Thanksgiving CTA luncheon each member received a "thanks for giving" gift.  We got to choose from a huge selection of "thread catchers" made by some of our longer-time members.  This is mine - isn't it just sooooo cute,

 Such fun, cheerful fabric.  And then, we had decided to do a gift exchange, modeled on the Crazy Exchangers that I belong to.  And so this is what Susan made for me,

She took old dish towels and cut them smaller and stenciled the wysteria and leaves to make napkins.  Aren't they wonderful and what a good idea.  Now perhaps a purple tablecloth or placemats.  Ain't life grand?


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Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea about the napkins. And aren't swaps funny. bye bye Caro