Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday evening

Well, the white stuff did arrive a bit today.  Not so much in the city as in the surrounding areas, but white nonetheless.  And in a city of hills we are {I am}somewhat wimpy about driving.  So it means that plans get put on "maybe" - depending.  So CTA will just depend on what the morning brings.  This morning at 6:45am it was 36`.  Right now (9:30pm) it's 34`.  Oh brrrrrrr.

But it also means some time for sitting behind my machine.  But if I may rant for a short bit, I'm sitting behind the old machine,
my wonderful Pfaff 7550.  It just "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'"  It is such a great, dependable machine.  At one point a technician told me to never get rid of this machine, it was a 'work horse'.  He wasn't kidding  This one just keeps on doing what it is able to do.

In January '09 I got hooked on a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.  Now don't misunderstand it is a really amazing machine WHEN it works right.  Unfortunately that is only a small portion of the time.  I finally took it in again and said that I was really quite fed up and considering simply buying a Bernina.  Having owned Pfaff's for almost 30 years I think I got their attention.  I have had practically half of all its parts replaced but it still won't do a decent free-motion stitch.  I dared to suggest that perhaps this one particular machine (friend Caroline has this machine and it works very well for her) is a lemon.  The store manager even wrote on the slip that the customer wants a new machine.  We shall see what happens, but meanwhile good ole bessie (above) is just working a treat.  Today I made the 172 pink and green strips called for in Bonnie Hunter's new mystery.  Check out her blog,

Yesterday I finished up my practice piece of hand quilting.  I hope you can see the design (cream on cream is a bit hard to see)
It's a four armed feathers design.  Good practice.  Now I must quickly start something else so I don't lose the momentum.  Stay warm.

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willemijn said...

Yeh, get the Bernina!!!!! She won't disapoint (?) you! I adore mine, she always runs so smoothly and gives me great results!
I hope they will give you a new one, you probably have one that fell of the truck!
The paff i worked on did very well also ....
Best wishes to you and Elaine!