Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Coming

This is actually from last year, but it's about time to get it down from the attic and start to get ready for the big day.  We are carrying on a tradition we started many moons ago, but it seems to work so well.  I have bought a turkey and a turkey breast.  I will cook those.  Virtually all the rest of the meal comes as part of a "directed" potluck.  My son and spouse will bring stuffing and a vegetable - likely green bean casserole.  Daughter is in charge of mashed potatoes - do I hear garlic mashed potatoes??  A friend with squash, friends with another vegetable and cranberry and two others with dessert.  Last year she made 3 things to choose among (or have very small tastes of all three!!!!  Oink, oink!)  Then we have purchased some of those grocery store knock-off left-over containers and everyone can take some of the meal home with them for some tasty next day left-overs.  It really works so well and it is pretty stressless for everyone.  I did bring in the extra convection oven from the motorhome (we don't have a built-in oven so this one serves the purpose) and so should have baking space aplenty.  And as I have a second refrigerator, there's room for sparkling cider for the kids (or adults who would prefer same) and some adult beverages from the wine store.

The TV weather man has mentioned the "S" word (snow) but we are hoping it finds itself in locales other then this one - too many folks need to be driving to get here.  Our little home with be cozy with 11 adults and 7 small ones (oldest is 10) but we will be most thankful to have each other.  Gobble, gobble!


Cybele's patch said...

Sounds like you will be enjoying a real family day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marne,
Good luck with all the preparations. bye bye Caro