Friday, April 1, 2011

Thanks Guys

That's the generic "guys".  As I promised, I made up little slips of paper,

And we drew out a name - and it is

Miss Laura.  We'll chat about what you might think was an appropriate momento of my big day.  Thanks for each comment.  It is nice to know that someone is actually reading what's here.

On Wednesday Owen and I worked on a couple more projects.  With a little bit of help (i.e. I did the pinning - mostly he sews without pins) he did the half square triangles and made the "mug rug" for his Mama.

Not bad points, considering this was his very first try at this.  And then he was sure that his stuffie (a new word for Nana - it means a stuffed animal that he sleeps with) needed a sleeping bag out of the yellow striped fabric that he liked.  So thanks to Shirley, I had a general idea and off we went.  I helped with the quilting, but he did the "lion's" share [ or in this case, the tiger's share]

We packed books for the church rummage sale and then it was time to head home.  A busy few days.

Today I downloaded the latest Jacqueline Winspear novel, onto my iPod.   I love her Maisie Dobbs books, so am quite excited to head to my sewing room and listen.  I am enamoured with Bird Brain Designs stitcheries.  I bought two patterns at the Sew Expo, so it's time for some work with the light box and get them transferred to some muslin.  Have a great week-end, all.


Laura said...

Of course I read your blog! I check every single day to see what new adventures you're getting into. :) Your comment about the embroidery led me on a delightful journey, bringing back all sorts of memories of my embroidery ventures. Might just have to pick it up again -- it would be a perfect take-along in the trailer.

Caroline said...

Congratulations Laura, with kind regards, Caro