Saturday, August 20, 2011

10th Annual

This year was the 10th Camping with the Grandmas Adventure for the 3 (largest) Grands.  And what fun we had!!!!  We chose a new campground (it seemed easier to get to AND we hoped for better weather on the east side of the mountains).  Well, both were true and we will definately go back there next year.

We were at Lake Easton State Park.  And while there is some road noise from I-90, it actually creates white noise and you hardly hear any of the other campers - only an occasional barking dog or the children who come riding past on their bicycles.  For us, bicycles was a huge plus.  The camp sites are arranged around an oval with almost no car traffic, so cycles galore.

And even though the sites were close together, again, you couldn't hear your neighbors in a bothersome way.  A+.

We celebrated three birthdays and the eldest GD made (from scratch) three flavors of cupcakes for all of us (being one of the birthday folks)
My brother and his wife came along, in their camper, for the first time
There is a beach (more gravel than sand, but it works for shovels and pails)
Sewing has been happening since we got home.  Details of that to follow.


Laura said...

I'm sooo glad you all had such a good time and that the weather cooperated with you. Bikes are a definite "must" when taking the kids camping. It's amazing how much energy they have & need to burn off.

I hope you have a chance to get away again soon, friend. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Memories are made of this!!
Good job Gramma!
- Shirley R.