Monday, August 29, 2011

Week-end away

Well, I took the very mature, adult route to dealing with our sewer challenges and simply left town.  Yeah!  Our RVing group had an outing planned and we simply left here a day earlier so as to get "outta Dodge" and think of other things.  And we had a marvelous time.  We drove to Tokeland, WA.  This little burg sits on a very large bay off of the Pacific (ocean).  The sounds and smells and fabulous weather all made for a great time.

As is the norm, Friday night is a finger-food potluck.  Saturday morning my friend Jill and I had a little sewing workshop for those who were interested.  I think we had about 20 gals participate.  They we offered kits to make a small "ditty" bag or coasters.  Only one gal got far enough to try the string pieced square.  But it was sure fun.

Saturday night we had a "regular" potluck supper.  The park provided us with a really tasty ham.  And then after dinner, there was a s'mores contest.  There were lots of sugar highs that night.  But it was great to enjoy the sunshine, eagles, pelicans, seagulls and a myriad of other sea birds.  Having missed so many of the summer outings, it was great to play catch up with our RVing friends.
I forgot to say that on our return home today (Monday) they are close to being finished.  The big holes in the front yard and sidewalk and street are filled in.  We have new and functioning water and sewer lines.  Now just to do some dry-walling in the basement where they ran the new shut-off value.  This feels much more manageable.  The next step will be to learn what our home owners insurance will (or will not) cover for all this work.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Laura said...

Any time the sun's shining in the PNW is a good time, and sharing it with fun friends makes it all the better. I'm glad things at home are looking up, too. Thanks for sharing. :)

Caroline said...

Looks like you had a nice time. Good to be away for a few days. bye bye Caro