Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easing back in

Well, we have been home now for one week (this evening).  It is so strange as in many ways it feels like we have never been away.  My sewing room was the place chosen to store the personal belongings we were getting out of the way.  Thus it is still quite unavailable for my sewing use.  I think I shall appropriate the puzzle table to work on my blocks for the new grand's quilt.

I'm quite liking this and it works well as sashing - although I'm not sure I'll use the 3 3/4" size suggested.  Seems a bit much, but with red binding it will be cute.

Also have been working on the quilt I bought for friend Caro.  I'm not really informed on dating quilts but I'm guessing it might be 40's or 50's?  Do you have any ideas?
That center star (and all the other stars around it) are hand pieced and hand quilted.  The big star has been set in by machine, but each of the diamond seams are hand pieced.  Interesting.  What I have been doing is removing the pink satin binding that someone (carefully) seamed twice around the edges covering up a sweet (but deteriorating) light blue binding.
All the star points around the edges had been cut off, so now they are all there.  I really don't know anything about this little quilt but am getting quite attached to it.  Should I keep it Caro?


Laura said...

I love the baby quilt! :) My neighbor is embarking on one also for her upcoming grandbaby. You'll have to compare notes. And those old quilts ... bless you. Makes me happy to know that someone appreciates them. I look at the ones I have and just wring my hands. I know you'll give it a happy home, either with you or someone else who appreciates them just as much.

Rob Duikersloot said...

Just keep it till next year september ;).
It looks lovely. bye bye Caro