Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Bike Ride

We had a couple of errands to "run" in the morning, but managed to get to Caro and Rob's by about 2pm.  The four of us headed out for a bike ride to and through the Dunes just north of Scheveningen.

The first day in literally weeks when you didn't need a warm jacket to be outdoors.

Lovely countryside, some marvelous homes and views over the treetops to the sea.  It's hard to ask for much more.

This amazing adventure is now coming to an end.  It's Monday afternoon now, and we fly back to the US on Wednesday morning, so I'm not sure if I'll get any more blogging done before we are safe and sound at home.  Thanks for being part of our travels.


Caroline said...

We really enjoyed our bike ride together. We will miss you when you're back in Seattle. Life will be so quiet ;).
Caro, Rob and Paco

Laura said...

Thanks for taking us along on your adventures, Marne. Godspeed.

Joke said...

Thank you for being with us, we wish you both a good flight home! We keep in touch, hugs,
Joke (and Piet of course)

Simone said...

Thank you for showing us, that we live in a wonderful country! Have a save trip home....
I'll let you know when I picked up your present at Bep's.