Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little bit confused

Look at my poor narcissis - I think he is confused - it's only January (but he is kinda cute, too)
And then, Taa Daa  (sorry Caro)
I wandered my way to the sewing room.  I have been practicing going up and down the stairs, so today it was with real purpose.  I did find that my brain was a bit addled trying to make sense of the pattern here.  But isn't this a great border?  I just loved it.  From Janet Kime's book,

Lots of bias edges, so hopefully I have been careful enough.


Laura said...

Heck, Marne, my brain gets addled on a regular basis and I haven't had major surgery! ;)

The borders look great -- I especially like the paw print one. But then I like most things with paw prints ...

Glad to see you're back in the sewing saddle, friend!

Caroline said...

Oh you make me so jealous : ), but in a few weeks (4-6) I will be back behind my sewing machine as well, and then I'm going to take a very long holiday :). And well you can already start organising your quiltroom for september when we have Quiltcamp in Seattle. bye bye Caro

Cybele's patch said...

Sorry to read that you have not been well lately. Hope things are going the right direction en you will feel good soon. Take care!