Monday, January 9, 2012

Mon-day - is that the day of the moon?

Heavens I used to know all this useless trivia but seem to have my little brain filled with other "important" details.  So it goes.

My friend Caroline has complained (ever so slightly) that she wants to see what I have been working on, thus photos of what is happening in the craft department at Casa Nana.

A lovely design from BirdBrain Designs.  This is one of the designs that you can buy pre-printed on fabri-solvy and then simply stick it onto the background fabric you want to use.  This one hasn't been sticking quite as well as I would have liked but having enough stitching in there, it holds it all in place.  Then when it is done, you simply soak the solvi off and have the design on fabric.  Just because a wild hair took me, I did this one in brown perle cotton.  This was my project du jour yesterday as the second series of Downton Abbey started on PBS.  Oh delightful.  I don't watch a lot of TV so this is marvelous to have back.

You may recall that I made, just before Christmas, 3 different baskets using this technique.  Wrap strips of fabric around cotton clothesline and then using a very wide zig-zag stitch put it together.  The shape of the pot is determined by the angle used as it is stitched.  [there are several very descriptive U-tube films, if you are interested]  My sweet friend Patty bought this for me at a recent trip to Martingale Books.  Wasn't that so nice!

Then, I have been working on one more project down in the sewing cave,

I believe the pattern is called China Dishes.  I thought it was all done - i.e. all four borders, until I realized that the top and bottom borders were not long enough.  So am working on those,. then can attach them.  I should manage to complete those today and then this one can go into the 'top complete' pile.

Our Stashbuster UFO (Unfinished Objects, for those who don't know) project began January with Project #2.  I actually had two of each month's project.  So I have finished my first #2 project,
and I am working on a hand quilted piece for the second.  I will take that one to the hospital with me - hand work should be do-able.  Then come the first of February and I will draw the next number.  [as an aside - the other night I was working on that and managed to drop the needle.  Those blessed things are so tiny, I feared we would never find it.  I had out a magnet and was feeling all over the chair and the rug and my clothes.  I finally found a flashlight and shown it sideways on the rug and located it.  phew.  I had visions of never having bare feet again, if it didn't show up.  Word to the wise!]

Good wishes to you all.  I should be back at it in a week or so.  Keep stitchin'.


Caroline said...

The dutch blue and white is adorable. I'm very curious how it will look when it's completed. Our thoughts are with you and Elaine tomorrow. Rob, Caro and Paco

Laura said...

Blessings and hugs (more gently after tomorrow for awhile), Dear Friend. I'll wait to hear from Posse Leader Elaine. ;)