Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The days go marching on

Wow - such a long time since I last wrote.  And an interesting collection of happenings.  We had a really lovely Christmas holiday with DS and wife and Baby "B" and DD and her 3 sweet ones.

There were lots of homemade gifts - which is always so special,
New napkins for the motorhome.

Tasty meals together.  It was terrific.

Meanwhile the doctors discovered that I was having some health problems.  So surgery is scheduled for next week.  All that means is that my little missives may be a bit more sporadic.  But I am getting myself organized with some hand-work projects to bring along with me.
New Year's week-end was a stay in the one of the former officers' homes at Fort Warden in Port Townsend.  What a terrific time we all had.

 One quick trip to Goodwill and I found this batik-style fabric.  Perfect for a back.
And a little center for a baby quilt with Peter Rabbit panels.

We'll chat again soon.


Laura said...

What an incredibly lovely place for your New Year's weekend. And the batik fabric is fun, too. :)

Prayers for you & Elaine in the days & weeks to come. God's blessing & healing on you, friend.

Caroline said...

We have some challenges for 2012. Rob scheduled our walking race around the 21th of januar. He's busy with a 10 yard track through the livingroom and diningroom. Maybe Elaine can do the same; ). hugs Caro

Becca said...

Sending you well wishes for this week Marne! We missed you at the Stashbusters gathering. I hope Ronda will show you the simply dreadful fabric she acquired in the exchange!!

Joke said...

Sounds you and your family had a great Christmas! Take care next week,both of you, I'll send lots of good thoughts your way!
Hugs for you and Elaine.