Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's report

Albeit slowly, I'm still here.  (glad you can't see my 'nursing home hair')  I did get one thing completed (well, the top that is) before my hospital time.  It just makes me happy,
Isn't that a fun little wall piece?

I am NOT wandering far from home, because
I think the current total for here is about 8+ inches.  They said rain today, but not yet.  Good thing that I don't have anywhere I have to go.  Maybe tomorrow I can have some time in my favorite room?????  I will let you know.


Caroline said...

Oh you make me jealous, go to your favorite room. I wonder how many weeks before I'm allowed to use my sewing machine. I love the quilt you have made, really really lovely. Shall we do a competition about nursing home hair? bye bye Caro

Laura said...

Lovely pics -- both of them. :) Keep up the good work on both fronts, friend.