Saturday, February 18, 2012

Amusing household chores

You can tell that I'm feeling better - I have been baking.  I woke a bit early and started with making some scones.  Apricot scones with an orange flavored glaze.

in my wonderful King Arthur mini scone pan.  Fortunately this recipe made enough that we had a couple for breakfast, I shared some with our great neighbors, froze some and still had a couple to have with a cup of tea mid morning.

After some good cleaning chores and a few errands and my walk, it was time to make the zucchini pineapple bread.  Again, a small taste is allowed and then the rest will head to the freezer.  Should make a good snack for after my exercise class. 

I have actually been sewing, but one is a gift and needs to be a surprise for a bit longer.  Making a nap quilt for a 2 year old (friend's daughter) and finishing up the one I started pre-surgery for my daughter's friends.  I will show you when they're done.  Life is starting to get busy again.


Caroline said...

I just can smell them in your kitchen. Keep going, so we can taste them in september. bye bye Caro

Shirley R said...

Sounds like you are recovering nicely. Cleaning and errands in addition to sewing and baking and walking - life goes on. Carry on...hope to see you soon.