Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday report

I am pleased to report that I went out for my morning walk ( 2 required each day, per the cardiologist) and I walked about 8 blocks.  I was puffing a bit, as the last 4 were uphill.  And it all took only 20 minutes.  So I guess it's time to lengthen the walks so I get closer to 25 minutes. 

Yesterday, we had a very fun time.  DS and spouse gave us a Christmas gift of tickets to the 5th Avenue Theater's production of Oklahoma. 
This production included the Spectrum Dance Theater as well as some marvelous soloists.  Great!

Still working on my red and white blocks, although we decided to set them a bit differently than I showed you last week,
They'll be set 4 x 5 which will make a very nice lap size when it's all bordered.  Very cheerful.  What are you working on?


Laura said...

Well. I posted a comment yesterday & it apparently didn't go through. Humpf.

Your quilt top is very cheery, friend. What will you back it with? Border?

Thanks for sharing! :)

Elaine said...

I love the Red and White blocks! I think I could do that pattern, but more importantly, I am SO HAPPY that you are increasing your walking every day, and able to get out to see "Oklahoma". Keep up the exercise and your quick recovery!

Caroline said...

I like the red-white quilt. And want I'm working on? Well today I'm going to do a little bit of fabric cutting on my new table, starting my big crazy doggie quilt. bye bye Caro