Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's happenings

Woo Hoo - I can start to drive again.  You don't realize how dependent you are on "just buzzing around" until you cannot do it.  But I now have the OK to drive myself.  [ah such little things make us happy!]

As I woke up early I did my December Buck-a-block (blocks).  This is just so doggone simple.  I had thought we were ending in January, as the sample in the shop has just 6 month's worth of blocks, but no, apparently it will go on for a total of 12 months x 2 blocks per month = 24 when complete.  Not sure I bought enough of the green border fabric.  Oh gosh - does this mean I HAVE to go shopping for some more fabric?

Using the Thangles sure makes it easy.

My watching TV project is a bit of handwork.  You will notice that the one tree isn't done, but I'll get there.
A friend is being married this autumn, so either this (all framed up and pretty) or the red and white lap quilt is likely to be our gift.

Just pinned up on the doors, but you get the general idea.  Pretty cute, I'd say.

This afternoon's big adventure is the Seattle RV Show.  Not only do I love to go and be a "lookie Lou" but our RV group will have a booth, so we are staffing that for a couple of hours.  Come by and say "Hi" if you happen to be there.  Dream on - summer will come.


Caroline said...

Maybe I should marry again? Lovely wedding quilt. And shopping for fabric, ooh you really make me jealous ; ). I started cutting my doggie fabric on my new table. have a nice day Caro. Oh I have to get up early, 8.15 fysio.

Elaine said...

I love the fuschia and beige batik prints in your top photo. Excellent news about permission to drive, and glad you are recovering so quickly.