Saturday, March 17, 2012

31st Annual Quilters Anonymous Show

Yesterday I was able to attend the quilt show, "Alive with Color".  Oh my, it is always so amazing to see what skill, creativity and patience folks have to make these marvelous quilts.  There were approximately 400 members quilts (on display), in 16 categories, plus small quilts for sale and the membership challenge quilts.  There was a featured quilter and 25 vendors.  Pretty good for our little ole Quilt Guild, no?  So here are some pictures of some of my favorites,

Pretty impressive work.

Each triangle and square is just under 1/2".  And it is NOT paper pieced.  Wow!
strip-pieced pineapples.  So cheerful.
You can just see the edge of the blue ribbon for Keri's complete "Dear Jane" quilt.

 All done with selvidges.

Lisa's miniature (approx. 8" square).  Check out the lines of white stitching.  Amazing.

It is a bit intimidating, but also invigorating and challenging to each of us to "get busy" and make something. 


Caroline said...

I love the bird applique, really amazing. That must have been fun hanging around between all the quilts. bye bye Caro

Elaine said...

I am so glad you took the photos of the selvege edge quilt. I love that one!