Monday, March 26, 2012

Wonderful Week-end with the Women of Cascadia

This past week-end was our first event of 2012 and it was great!  The fact that sunshine abounded was a noticeable plus, but it was also a terrific event.  The Shanghai restaurant located at the Marina (where the camp ground is located) provided a catered appetizer dinner, coming in waves which caused lots of really full tummies.  Saturday we got a tour of the new Maritime Center,
This not only houses many historical artifacts, there is a wooden boat building workshop inside.  And lucky for us, it was Port Townsend Victorian week-end, so there were lots and lots of folks in appropriate costumes.  Later in the afternoon, several of us walked through town,

Such fun.  Sandwich bar potluck for supper and evening happenings.  Great fun.  Sunday dawned beautiful
Thank goodness that it wasn't nearly as windy as it had been last week; we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 
More next month.

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Caroline said...

It looks that Saskia II also had a wonderful weekend with you ; ). Caro