Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Such a long time

Oh my word, but it has been a long time since I have managed to get my fingers headed in this direction.  Life is just so busy and full - how did I EVER find time to work?

Just so you know I'm not fibbing:  cardio-rehab 3 days a week, exercising the rest of the week, book sorting for the big church rummage sale in April, new motorhome, Dutch classes begin again April 2nd - Phew!

But I did get to play with needle and thread yesterday.  Hurrah!  I took a class on needle-turn applique from Nancy Chong of Pacific Rim Quilt Company.  I have tried for literally years to take a class from her and it has never worked: cancellations, class full, wrong time, etc. etc.  Her work is truly amazing and it is virtually all done needle-turn.  So here is what I worked on yesterday.  Perfect, "no", but as she kept saying 'you are doing this because it is fun",

So:  skinny stems, points, circles, "V" [and I didn't get to inside curves in class]

I think the point is pretty good.  The "V" isn't bad.  My circle is a bit flat on one side - I know, but that's a work in progress.  This morning I woke early, so I pulled out my project #1 to finish up before the month is over [my Stashbuster group is doing a Finish-up-your-UFO's projects in 2012.]

This week-end is the big Q.A. Quilt Show, so I promise photos.


Caroline said...

Well you always can call your apllique style Atelier Bep. But it looks very nice. bye bye Caro

Joke said...

Caroline is right, it looks like Atelier Bep style, but better LOL
Good for you, following a class!