Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Big Superfluity Sale starts tonight

This is a major undertaking - and thank goodness I'm not in charge.  But this is the 50th annual church rummage sale.  I am working in the Book Department, for the 3rd or 4th year - maybe longer, I can't remember.
Tonight is the "paid" preview night and in our department it is over-run with book dealers.  Who knew there were so many.  Frankly I hate tonight, so I avoid working.  It is just too crazy.  However, our department does earn a lot of money from all those dealers.  I will attend the last "tidy up" session this afternoon and then return tomorrow morning for the regular sale.  All the hardbound books are $1.50, the larger paper books are $1.00 and the paperbacks are $.75.  You really outta come.  We have been sorting books since February, so you have many choices - all sorts of genres.  We run out of room on the tabletops, so just have boxes full of books underneath each section, as well. 

We don't have clothes and furniture, but linens, housewares, decor, jewelry, children's and a whole room full of 'treasures'.  Come check us out.

Just starting to unload housewares

Electronic do-dads

Well, we're keeping busy.  Maybe back to my sweet (quiet) sewing machine next week.  :-)

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Caroline said...

Treasures, sounds very exciting. Good luck with sale to you both. bye bye Caro